Raise capital and grow your business
Unlock up to $5 million in capital with Equity Crowd-Funding

Did you know you can unlock up to $5 million in capital via Equity Crowd-Funding?

  • Swarmer’s Equity Crowd-Funding platform facilitates low-cost access to capital for small-to-medium sized enterprises.

  • We connect Founders and investors to raise capital, and in return the Founder issues shares to investors in their business.

  • Under this structure, eligible Companies can raise up to $5 million in Crowdfunding in Australia, in any 12-month period.

Raise funds, grow your business and create a swarm of loyal brand ambassadors and customers


Securing capital is just the start of your growth journey

With Equity Crowdfunding it’s more than just getting the money you need to expand and grow your enterprise, it’s also about attracting the power of the crowd! Swarmer offers Founders unique benefits when raising funds with us, which include.

Personalised Support Model

Undertaking a raise can be daunting, we nurture and back our Founders throughout the raise process to make it as seamless as it can be.

With customised pricing to suit you as a Founder and how involved you want to be in the process. You can chose to do it all yourself or ask us to get more involved.

We focus on people, not the platform.

Access to our High Worth Investors

The Apiary is our exclusive group of high-worth investors that can be tapped into during the raise process.

Our Team will connect your business with these powerful individuals, who can provide the resources you need to take your company to new heights.

Talk to us and find out more about adding this option into your capital raise.












fund raised


Case Studies

Braaap Motorcycles

Brad Smith

CEO of Braaap Motorcycles

With a goal to raise capital to fund their expansion of their E-motorcycle range in Australia and overseas Braaap worked with Swarmer and raised $576 000 across 227 investors over a 4 week period in October 2022

AUD $576,000



of equity offered



Half a Cow

James Gilbert

Founder of Half a Cow

James, the Founder of Half a Cow approached Swarmer to help his raise capital to grow his paddock to plate market place online solution. Just 90 days old he had seen unprecedented demand, and quickly realised he could scale much faster than originally thought. He raised $331K over a 6 week period with 291 investors coming on board.

AUD $331 000



of equity offered




Equity Crowd Funding is great for business

Beyond the capital itself, there are plenty of business benefits that come out of Equity Crowd Funding raise. The key ones are:


Create Valuable Loyal Customers

Those who invest in your business will do so because they believe in your product or service.

This makes them loyal customers who will stay, and buy more from you.

Bringing in New Customers

As part of the Crowd Fund Raise we seek out “fanatics” who will simply love what you do!

They may not know about you yet, but through the marketing undertaken as part of a Raise they soon will. In turn, they become your new customers.

Great Word of Mouth Marketing

Investing in what you love is a great conversation amongst friends.

That’s powerful word of mouth for your company and brand love that keeps on giving!