Apiary Membership
Swarmer's Investment Group for the Serious Investor

Discover the Future of Investing

Discover the future of investing with The Apiary, brought to you by Swarmer. The market is ripe for finding investments in innovative and growth companies, and our exclusive membership offers sophisticated investors access to a growing pipeline of investment deals before they hit the mainstream market.


Get in touch with us at hello@swarmer.com.au


First in-line

Get to the front of any investment waitlist for companies raising funds that have exceeded their maximum funding goal.


Backstage Pass

Meetings (upon request) with founders to help investors scrutinise their company and offering (not available to Swarmer retail investors)


Follow your Investment

Opportunity for Apiary members to engage with companies for advisory or corporate board roles.


Skip the queue

Get in on the pre raise discussions, through exclusive early access events or early notice prior to campaigns going public to retail investors.


Who is it for?


Time poor but keen to invest and or, be associated with high profile investments


Investors willing to invest a minimum ticket size of $10,000 in at least one investment over a year.


Investors looking to find new ways to invest beyond traditional means.