Why Invest?
It might be a local brand you want to support or an innovation whose time has come. It might also just be the numbers. Swarmer's purpose is to bring food for thought.

Investing in Brands of the Future

When you invest in businesses featured on Swarmer you’re partaking in ownership of some of Australia's fastest growing start-ups/scale ups. Who knows what they might look like in the next 10 years?


Supporting Australian Companies to Grow

Become a direct investor in businesses who are not yet trading on the stock market and support the growth of Australian brands of the future. By owning a part of their business, you will come along for the ride with the founder, as their company grows and diversifies.


Invest in Something You Love

Equity Crowd-Funding enables you to make an easy investment in companies that you believe in, for any reason. Its purpose might resonate with you at an ethical level or it might be an industry in which you have knowledge and connections.

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Investing for your future

Shares purchased in an equity crowdfunding business are a long-term investment, as you will not be able to sell your shares quickly if you need the money or decide that this investment is not right for you. Instead, investors may see returns after an "exit"
event. This is an opportunity where investors can sell shares or otherwise receive returns. These events can include situations where:

  • The company you invest in sells to another company
  • The company undertakes an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and
  • lists on a registered stock exchange
  • The company buys back the shares you invested
  • You sell your shares to another person (if private sales of your shares are allowed)
  • A company provides dividend payments to its shareholders

Investment in early-stage and growth companies is speculative and carries high risk - this means some of these events may never occur. We recommend spreading your risk by investing in a few companies in a portfolio approach, which will increase the likelihood of some of the above events happening. Read all Offer Documents and the CSF Risk Warning ahead of making any investments with us.