Start your capital raising journey now
If you're a start-up or growth company and ready to grow your customer base, expand your market and raise investment for your business, Swarmer can help you make this happen. Register your Company today with Swarmer.



1. Is it right for you?

If you are already confident that Equity Crowd Funding is right for you register now, and we will be in touch.


2. Agree on How Much Support You Want

If you decide to proceed we will work with you to understand how involved you want to be with the raise process.

We can tailor a package that suits where you are as a Founder and how much time you have.


3. Prepare your Business for the Raise

The next step is we undertake some due diligence on your company to ensure everything is in order before we can start you on your fundraising journey. We can advise you on changes you may need to make to the business. An offer document will need to be produced to outline the terms of your offer with potential investors. It provides information about your company, information about the offer and outlines the investor’s rights.


4. Test the Market

Before doing a fund-raise, it’s important to gauge interest from the Investor Community by running an ‘Expression of Interest’ (EOI) campaign. This is a marketing campaign that will help determine the level of interest for investment in your company. It also allows us to capture details of potential investors for you.

It's also important here that you bring in your own network of suppliers, customers, retailers, influencers, friends and family into this process. Their commitment to investing in your business will help once you take the offer to the general public.


5. Public Launch

Assuming your campaign gained the right amount of traction during the private launch, it’s time to go public and open it up to everyone! Our expert marketing partners will again work with you to develop a campaign that ensures a successful raise.


6. Your Raise is Complete

The offer will end when you either reach your fundraising target or the time expires. We will then transfer the funds raised (minus our fees) and you can start using those funds to grow your business.