How It Works
Invest in Australian growth companies with the simplicity of no fees.

Whether you're new to investing or an experienced investor, we've created Swarmer as a simple and fast way to invest with no ongoing fees. It offers visibility and access to some of Australia's most innovative and exciting companies.


Why Swarmer?


Swarmer is an Australian Equity Crowd Funding Platform connecting businesses and investors. We hold an Australian Financial Services License (AFS license #507867).

Equity Crowd Funding provides a funding pathway and opportunity for a new generation of investors. It's a new approach to investing broadening access to early-stage investment opportunites.

You may invest as an existing customer, a future customer, or because you've done your homework and think it's a solid foundation.




Getting Started

Browse through our current company offers and sign up to invest. Or, if you'd like to wait to see what's coming next, sign up now and you'll be ready to invest when you find that company or brand that you love and what to be a part of.




Ready to Invest?

If you've been inspired to become a part of one of Australia's fast-growing companies and are ready to invest, decide how much you want to invest (from as low as $100 and as much as $10,000).

Ensure you read the company offer document, review the Consumer Financial Services (CFS) risk warning, take note of the fees we charge, understanding the cooling-off rights, ask questions and finally ensure you read the Financial Services Guide (FSG) before making your payment securely on the Swarmer platform.

Browse all our current Company offers and keep an eye out for more coming soon.


What's Next?

You'll receive a notification that your investment has been successful and you're now a shareholder of something you believe in. We'll ensure your chosen company keeps you up-to-date on its progress.


How Do I See a Return on My Investment?

Once you become a shareholder, you'll see a return on your investment when there's a liquidity event. For example, if the company lists on the stock exchange with an Initial Public Offering (IPO); if the company is bought by another company or it starts to pay dividends. To find out more about different events that may trigger a return please see here.


Is it safe?

We want your investment experience to be a great one and our team works very hard to ensure we bring you great companies and deal opportunities to invest in. Our platform and technology is built with our customers' safety and security at the fore and we are licensed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and hold an Australian Financial Services License to bring you the Swarmer service. Of course there is always risk associated with investing, so please ensure to make sure you always consider the risk warning and offer document before choosing to invest.

Browse our current Company offers or sign up and become part of their success.