The Mass Adoption
of Electric Motorcycles


Braaap Motorcycles

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With a mission to create a positive impact on people one person at a time by creating products and experiences that make people feel alive, award-winning and profitable motorcycle company, Braaap, is poised for growth through a capital raise to expand in the US and launch its exciting new range of e-motorbikes.

Brad Smith

CEO of Braaap Motorcycles

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We recognise the future is electric and we want to be leading the charge. Since 2005, we have been innovating & fine-tuning how to build & deliver world-class motorcycles at attractive price points while offering riders unmatched value.

With the recent launch of the new Braaap Electric Motorcycle, our vision is to lead the mass adoption of electric motorcycles.

We believe offering riders un-matched value via an e-motorbike at the same price as petrol-powered bikes will power this movement.



Braaap is democratising motorbike access & ownership. 

We want to create unmatched value for the rider by pivoting the debt-driven ownership of motorcycles to a 'no strings attached" digital subscription model.

We call it RideClub, which would be the world's first subscription service in the industry, revolutionising the ownership of motorcycles.





  • 10,000+ Motorcycles on the road
  • 60,000+ Social Media Followers
  • Over 300% Profitable Revenue growth since FY20


  • Telstra Business Award Winner – Vic
  • Sensis Social Responsibility Award Winner
  • 4x Australian Specialised retailer of the year
  • AMA US Championship


  • Regulatory approvals are in place to expand into the US and UK
  • The only motorcycle brand to offer a lifetime warranty on its products


Electric Motorcycles

We are leading the charge for the mass adoption of electric motorcycles by offering full-sized e-motorcycles at the same price as their petrol-powered equivalent.

We pre-sold the first 2 production runs, have full Australian Design Rules (ADR) approval for road use and will be soon delivering customers their motorcycles. Leading the industry with unmatched rider value through our fine-tuned manufacturing process allows us to offer the e-motorcycle at competitive pricing to gasoline-powered motorcycles. We are expanding the range of e-motorcycles and anticipate stamping our position as leader of this segment.

Lifetime Warranty

Braaap is proud to offer an unprecedented manufacturers' lifetime warranty as an optional extra for $250. This provides riders confidence and us a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Rider Direct (D2C) E-Commerce Model

As part of our mission to deliver unmatched value our E-Commerce platform invites riders to order a motorcycle on our “Build to Order” promotion, Pay upfront which is cash positive for us and wait for us to build the bike, this allows us to pass on the savings created through one of the most efficient sales processes in the industry, giving customers up to $3,000 online discounts on motorcycles that were previously sold via showrooms.

Consumer Lending > Subscription Model

With over 220 finance applications per month unsettled, there is a huge opportunity to convert these riders by pivoting to a subscription model. This subscription model offers a frictionless and instant ability for riders to own access to their motorcycle on a low weekly payment.

62% of motorcycle license holders do not currently own a motorcycle, our subscription model removes the burden of ownership. (FCAI, 2022)


Current Market
As of 2021, Australia accounted for 1 million registered motorcycles and the USA accounted for 8.6 million registered motorcycles. (source: Statista, 2022) (source: IIHS, 2021)

It's a Growth Market
Internationally, the e-motorcycle market is estimated to be worth almost $2 billion currently. (Source: Globe News Wire, 2022)

Australia and USA are seeing around 100K and 780K new bike sales per year respectively. (Source: FCAI, 2021) (source: Statista, 2020)

We're expecting the market to grow along with our share of it. Our forecasts suggest that our market share of traditional motorcycles in Australia will increase from 1% as of FY22 to 5% by FY25 with the addition of the subscription model in AUS+USA generating the revenue of 100,000 Members by FY25. (braaap forecast)




The major motorcycle manufacturers are the competition for traditional motorcycle sales and for the Subscription model the key potential competition comes from consumer lending firms.

Supply Risk

Braaap is reliant on manufacturers and distributors to supply parts for the assembly of Braaap motorcycles. A decrease in supply from distributors could restrict the manufacturing of braaap motorcycles.

Market adoption

International markets may have different preferences and tastes than the Australian market. This may limit the adoption of Braaap motorcycles by consumers on an international front.

Operating Costs

Although Braaap is currently cash flow positive our ability to continue to operate profitably is dependent on several factors in relation to the scalability of operations.


Braaap has big plans for the next few years to make the most of the market opportunity. The capital we are looking to raise will be for the purpose of capitalising on this opportunity. 

Namely, funds will be used for: 

  • Expanding operations
  • Improving production and maintenance capacity in Australia to meet the growing demand
  • Launching our new range of e-motorbikes
  • Expanding into the lucrative USA market
  • Launching the world's first motorcycle subscription service