Mission and Vision


"Connecting Companies with Investors"


To provide early stage as well as mature companies an alternative solution to access new capital and to provide investors an alternative solution to diversify their investment portfolio.


"To support our companies and investors in achieving their financial goals"


We value positive long-term outcomes for our companies and investors. We serve them, support them and assist them. We will do what we can to help them achieve their long term financial goals.



Our core values are the foundation of how we operate at Crowd88. We are values driven and this means to always:

1. Do the right thing

We will do the right thing by our companies, investors, our regulators, and the law.

2. Be Trusted

We will deliver on our commitments and will take responsibility for our actions and decisions.

3. Add value

We will add value to our companies and investors through innovation, dedication and our service offering.

4. Be open and honest

Our communication will be open and honest and we will respect everyone on our platform. 

5. Be passionate

We are passionate, determined, committed and ambitious. We will continuously pursue perfection.


Our Corporate logo represents our mission of linking companies raising new capital with investors. One 8 represents the company raising capital and the other 8 represents the investor.